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Extensive Training Library

Our extensive and growing collection of videos, tools, scripts and strategies are there to help you through just about any scenario you’ll ever encounter with your teen including…

  • NEW:  Teens & Technology: What to Do When Devices Rule
  • Complete Guide to Rules, Boundaries & Consequences
  • How to Decode and Redirect Their Behavior
  • How to Address Drugs & Alcohol
  • How to Build a Strong Relationship That Will Last a Lifetime
  • Difficult Conversations Such as Sex, Death, or Pornography
  • Resolving Conflicts & Reclaiming Harmony in Your Home
  • Practical Strategies for Reversing At-Risk Behavior
  • Dealing with Dangerous, Oppositional, or Defiant Behavior
  • How to Improve Communication with Your Teen
  • Helping Them Deal with Bullies or Cyberbullies
  • Helping Teens with ADHD or ADD
  • Getting Them to Take Ownership
  • and Much More!

Live Q&A Sessions

Our monthly “office hours” are where we address timely issues facing teens, teachers and parents, with dedicated time to get your specific questions answered by our experts.

Private Support Group

Our private support group gives you a place to be heard and to get support from our team and our supportive community of caring adults.

24/7 Digital Access

Even if it’s four in the morning, you’ll never “miss out” because you can access the material anytime, anywhere, on any device, whenever you need help the most.

Give Yourself the Training & Support to Transcend the Statistics.


“No More 50-Ton Bomb Arguments”

“I can’t even begin to tell you how many times I felt as if “this is it, I  just can’t deal with my kid anymore.”  while feeling deeply ashamed for wanting to say “screw it.”

So grateful that I’m not alone in that fight – and a MILLION more thank you’s for the trainings that have given me the power to properly deal with the kinda things that would typically set off a 50-ton bomb in our upstairs hallway.”

—Veronica A.


“Like an Owners Manual for My Teen”

“These video trainings are fantastic resources, but I’m also loving the community aspect of this program – learning how other parents and caring adults have effectively dealt with things like bullying, acting out and technology.

I hate to admit it, but I used to be a little afraid of my teens.

Now I feel ready and confident to help them through even the most challenging topics.”

—Elizabeth W.


“I Felt Ill-Equipped for the Challenges”

“I got into this line of work because I cared deeply about supporting our youth.

However, I secretly felt ill-equipped for dealing with the ever-expanding list of challenges that kids today are facing.

I feel super lucky to have stumbled upon this program. Being informed (and knowing how to communicate it) has created a new level of results in working with kids.”

—Kevin E.
Educator & Mentor

We stand with you – so you may stand with the kids who need you the most.

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  • ✓ Private Online Support Group
  • BONUS #1: Life Skills Training For Teens
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  • BONUS #3: Teens & Tech Course


Frequently Asked Questions

Parents, teachers, and other caring adults who interact with teenagers. Our trainings will help you better influence that teen in your life towards success while keeping yourself sane.

Inside our ever-growing training library we cover everything from acting out, to having difficult conversations, getting teens to listen, technology precautions, drugs and alcohol, and dozens of other topics. Plus you can submit your specific questions for future webinars and office hour sessions.

YES, you may train your staff or volunteers using our program and materials. We want these trainings to help you and those you work with. As long as you don’t sell the videos on Ebay — we’re good.

Simple. With One Caring Adult there are no long term commitments and you can cancel anytime for any reason. Simply login to your account > click MY ACCOUNT > click MANAGE MEMBERSHIP > and click CANCEL MY MEMBERSHIP. Simple as that.